Non-Profit & Business Presentations

Target audience: Non-profit staff, small and big business owners and employees, corporations, government representatives and workers, etc.

Participants will be introduced to the foundations of identity, terminology, proper language, and how to provide services in an inclusive way. Participants will also be lead through a group discussion and an environmental assessment of their workplace, followed by time for questions and answers. Resources will also be provided. 
Topic overview: Terminology, gender inclusive language, pronouns, washrooms, change rooms, and gendered spaces, the concept of safe space, and how to provide inclusive customer service

We can provide

  • Professional development training (minimum 2 hours)
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Custom education services and on-going training
  • Conference workshops and keynote presentations
  • Consultation on best practices, policy and procedure development, and client/customer support
  • Resources¬†

Fee for Non-Profit Organizations

  • In Saskatoon: $50
  • Outside of Saskatoon: $50 + mileage, meals, and accommodations

Fee for Businesses & Corporations

  • In Saskatoon: $150-$500, dependent on time and size of audience
  • Outside of Saskatoon: $150-$500 + mileage, meals, and accommodations

How to book

Contact Amanda Guthrie (pronouns: she/her)
Education & Operations Manager
Phone: 1-306-665-1224

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