Our community is made up of people from all ages and demographics, and OUTSaskatoon aims to create space for both individuals and families. Our Rainbow Families group is for LGBTQ2S+ parents and their children, as well as families that have LGBTQ2S+ children and youth. The group gathers at OUTSaskatoon once a month for a shared meal, making an extra effort to celebrate fun holidays throughout the year including Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Halloween.

Other resources for parents of LGBTQ2S+ children and youth:

Rainbow Coffee youth group - parents are welcome to attend their child's first gathering.

Spectrum Voices 

PFLAG (Contact Info)

Our peer support and short-term counselling services are also available for parents of LGBTQ2S+ youth and children, and for LGBTQ2S+ families. Call us to make an appointment or for further inquiry.

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