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The media plays a very large role in educating the public. If you are a reporter or journalist covering queer issues and interviewing queer people it is imperative that you represent them accurately and fairly. If you aren't sure how they identify or what their pronouns are you should ask politely. 

Style Guides

Gender Equality Society of Saskatchewan: Media Style Guide

The main purpose of this document is to assist professionals to communicate clearly, consistently and respectfully about issues faced by the trans, genderqueer, and intersex community of Saskatchewan.

GLAAD's Media Style Guide

GLAAD's Media Reference Guide is intended to be used by journalists reporting for mainstream media outlets and by creators in entertainment media who want to tell our stories fairly and accurately. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive glossary of language used within the LGBT community, nor is it a prescriptive guide for LGBT people. Journalists realize that LGBT people have the right to fair, accurate and inclusive reporting of their stories and their issues, and GLAAD's Media Reference Guide, now in its ninth edition, offers tools they can use to tell our stories in ways that bring out the best in journalism.



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