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Our Address is #201 - 320 21st Street West.  Click here for the google map to our location.

We are located on the second floor of the large Habitat for Humanity ReStore building, on the corner of Avenue D South & 21st Street West. Our door opens onto 21st Street.

If you take the glass door on the left, follow the rainbow ribbon all the way upstairs to our office. We are on the top floor, go through the white doors at the top of those stairs and hang a right. We are the only office in that direction.

If you need an elevator, the lift is inside the set of double doors and to the right.  You have to press and hold the button until the elevator arrives at your location. Once it does, you'll be able to open the door.  Once inside, hold the button for #3, that will take you to our floor - remember to hold the button until you arrive! Once you arrive at our floor, exit the elevator room and turn right - we'll have the door open for you!  


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