Community Service Awards

The Avenue Community Centre presents the Affinity Community Service Awards to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to the growth and development of a strong, vibrant and healthy queer community in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. We would like to thank Affinity Credit Union for their continued support of our work as their sponsorship has allowed us to provide recipients with a beautiful piece of locally crafted artwork. Award recipients are nominated by YOU and selected by a volunteer committee.






The selection committee will consider people who have made significant contributions to the gender and sexually diverse community through years of service and/or for activities that have had a significant impact on the community or a segment of the community. Nomination criteria may include: dedicated service, leadership, volunteerism, activism, development, and/or research.



This award is open to anyone between the ages of 13-25 years who has been involved in the gender and sexually diverse community. Nomination criteria may include: dedicated service, leadership, volunteerism, activism, development, and/or research.




This award is open to an individual, organization or business, within or outside of our community who have made significant contributions to our community. Nomination criteria may include: community support, leadership, activism, and a general openness, understanding and support of gender and sexual diversity.

Please note: Previous award recipients and Avenue Community Centre staff are NOT eligible for these awards. Remember you can't nominate someone for an award they've already won!


Previous Winners of the Community Service Award


1993—Man & Woman of the Year – Shawn Mooney & Colleen Wiegers

Community Service – Neil Richards & Barb Clay


1994—Man & Woman of the Year – Dalton Cameron & Dawn McCarthy

Community Service – Bruce Garman & Erin Shoemaker


1995—Man & Woman of the Year – Brian Berezowski & Tara Zahar

Community Service – Gens Hellquist & Antonia Botting


1996—Man & Woman of the Year – Garnet Woloschuk & Charlotte Huculak

Community Service – Mike McCoy & Marion Alexander


1997—Man & Woman of the Year – Alona Leverick & Landon Rak

Community Service – Duncan Campbell & Sheri McConnell

Special Merit – PFLAG – Saskatoon Chapter


1998—Man & Woman of the Year – Daryl Mitchell & Erin Scriven

Community Service – Jeff Dodds & Gerrie Ross

Special Merit – Don Cochran & Chris Jones


1999—Man & Woman of the Year – Glen Horton & Jesse Invik

Community Service – Darrell Broughton & Margo Couldwell


2000—Man & Woman of the Year – Ryan Whyley & Mechele Player:

Community Service – Della Erickson & Bob Harvey

Special Merit – Sharon Fyke & St. Thomas Wesley United Church—Affirming Congregation


2001—Man & Woman of the Year – Burton Urquhart & Megan Morman

Community Service – Lori Crozier & Peter Millard

Special Merit Award – Patti Avery


2002—Man & Woman of the Year – Terry Bethune & Bobbi Crowe

Community Service – Diane van Brabant & Duane Minish

Special Merit Award – Pat Atkinson


2003—Man & Woman of the Year – Ryan Kennedy & Cindy Baker

Community Service Award Winner – Tim Lemay & Kaitlin O’Brien

Special Merit – David Forbes, MLA


2004---Community Service Awards – Brent Daum & Evelyn Reisner,

Special Merit Award – Lambda North, Prince Albert & Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon


2005---Community Service Awards - Charlotte Rochon, Ryan Delorme, Sam Tait

Special Merit Award- University of Saskatchewan, Library, Saskatchewan Teachers Federation


2006---CSA- Kelly Faber, Ron Knoll

SMA- Chief Russell Sabo, Respect for Sexual Diversity Theatre


2007--- Community Service Award, Nicole White


Tom Hutchinson – Rainbow Cinemas

Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck



1) Glen Horton - Saskatoon & Area

2) Jennifer Brockman – Prince Albert & Area

Special Merit Award

1) MAC AIDS Walk For Life Team

2) Diva’s Gender Bender Players


2009--- Community Service Award

1) Dwight B. Austen

2) Brian Bogdan

3) Judy Krause

4) Herb McFaull

5) Tony Bidulka

Special Merit Award

1) Blooms Flowers

2) Box Office Video


2010---Community Service Award

1) Rylan Ledene

2) Roxy Diva

3) Scott T. Bell

4) Kent Macaulay

5) Thom Knutson

Special Merit Award

1) Bridge City Chorus


2011---Community Service Award- Frances Birnie, Valerie Chorney, David Culleton, Brice Field, Derrick Rachor

Special Merit Award, Rosebud Burlesque


2012---Affinity Community Service Award: Trish Salah & Jim Komar

Affinity Community Service Youth Award: Chance Brier, Humboldt Magnussen

The ACC Special Merit Award: Festival Photomedia, Fran Forsberg


2013---Affinity Community Service Youth Award: Amanda Guthrie

Affinity Community Service Award: Miki Mappin, Danny Papadatos, Mark Ries

Special Merit Awards: Terry Stannard with Rainbow & Roxy Cinemas, Kay Williams

Rainbow Splash Award: Rohit Singh


2014---Affinity Community Service Award: Tobi Dawne Smith, Mikayla Schultz, Alex Wilson

Affinity Community Service Youth Award: Jack Saddleback

Special Merit Award: Peter Garden

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