Planning with Pride – Watch Parties – Out Centre in Saskatoon
Time: 10:00am

Planning with Pride – Watch Parties – Out Centre in Saskatoon

Are you interested in Winnipeg’s Rainbow Resource Centre’s Planning with Pride
Conference but don’t want to spend more hours on Zoom?
Coffee Row has organized a two hour in person watch party on each of the conference
dates – November 1st, November 2nd and November 3 rd . We have selected one or
two sessions each day from the conference program which will be beamed into the Out
Centre (213 Avenue C South) for group viewing, discussion, and just the opportunity for
some social time. There will be no charge to attend the watch parties.

10:00 – Begin gathering
10:45 – Session begins
12:00/12:45 – Program ends
12:0012:45 onward – Time for informal discussion and conversation

Day One:
10:45 – Advance Care Planning (ACP) among LGBT older Canadians: This
presentation will draw from two large, national projects focusing on older LGBT
Canadians, highlighting ACP activities and discussions (relative to older cisgender,
heterosexual Canadians), as well as the unique context and circumstances of LGBT
lives that facilitate or impede such activities and discussions. Experiences with
HIV/AIDS is one such important context, illuminated even more strongly during the
COVID-19 pandemic as study results reveal.  Efforts to build upon these contextual
findings to assist older LGBT persons to more fully plan ahead are presented, along
with suggestions for future work.

Day Two:
10:45 – Queer Folks & Unpaid Caregiving: presenter – Erin Crawford, Alzheimer
Society of Manitoba.  This is going to be a fascinating, practical look at the reality of
unpaid caregiving in the queer community.
12:00 – National Community Round Table Discussion on Advocacy with Barbara
Clanchy from our Coffee Row group. We're going to hear about groups across Canada
that are on-the-ground, doing the dirty work of advocating for the rights of 2SLGBTQ+ older
adults in healthcare, housing, and at home. Stay tuned for updates about topics we'll be

Day Three
10:45 – When Things Go Wrong. Queering Palliative Care – Overcoming Challenges:
This session will address issues that may arise for members of the community who are
at end-of life. There may be challenges with unfriendly care providers, families or other
people. Some challenges that will be addressed include: a. Homophobia b.
Misgendering c. Deadnaming d. Absence/aggression e. Anticipating discrimination f.
Complexities of religion and LGBT end of life care g. Assumptions about identity and
family structure h. Varied support networks i. Unsupported grief and bereavement j.
Increased pressure on LGBT carers
12:00 – National Community Round Table Discussion on Community Building
with Robert Clipperton from our Coffee Row group. All this talk of isolation, abuse,
and grief – but what 2SLGBTQ+ older adults want the most is a sense of community.
2SLGBTQ+ older adult programming has been growing in communities across Canada
for some time now, and these groups have been providing their participants with
something hard to find these days: friends, learning, and laughter. It's not all advocacy –
there's just good old-fashioned fun, too. Catch up with us on Day Three to hear from
three groups across Canada creating a sense of community for the 2SLGBTQ+ older
adults in their area.

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