CBC: Trans Youth Homelessness

It's going to be a special holiday for Daniel Despins. For the first time in years, he's going to have Christmas dinner at home in Saskatoon.

"I'm very anxious to see my family," said Despins.

Born a woman, the 18-year old transgender teen has struggled since he revealed his sexual identity to his mother four years ago.

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OUTWord: Internalized Gay Ageism of Older Men

The paper, out this week in the journal Social Science & Medicine, looked at a sample of 312 gay men with an average age of 61; a team of researchers led by Richard G. Wight asked the men the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with statements like “aging is especially hard for me because I am a gay man,” and “as I get older, I feel more invisible when I am with other gay men.”

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Daily Xtra: Will Saskatchewan Protect It's LGBT Students?

Amanda Guthrie is the youth and education coordinator at OUTSaskatoon, Saskatchewan’s queer resource centre. She tells Daily Xtra having queer students’ rights enshrined in legislation, rather than just in Ministry of Education policy, is key.

“We need to have legislation,” she says. “We need hard guidelines.”

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Star Phoenix: Week of Remembrance

The Star Phoenix posted an article about the importance of Transgender Awareness Week, Remembrance Day and Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Awareness Week.  

Check out the article here.

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S.Waldbillig - Trans Organizing the Right(s) Way?: Tensions Between Trans Identities and Activisms

OUTSaskatoon is thrilled to post this wonderful thesis by local scholar, Sean Waldbillig.  Waldbillig's powerful work discusses the intersections between trans identities and activism.  

Please follow this link to the downloadable PDF.

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Asexual Awareness Week Founder Sarah Beth Brooks - Blog Post

Over the last six years, we’ve worked with countless organizations to educate on asexuality and ace experiences. Since 2012, Trevor Project has integrated materials about asexuality into their trainings and services. And our work as a community isn’t done yet. Last year, the University of California system took demographic information from among its undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff and found that 4.6% of that population identifies as asexual

Please find the rest of this powerful blog post here.

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On My Planet: Wes Funk

This week onmyplanet.ca has posted a video from November 2014 when Wes told his coming out story.  

Follow this link to the video today.

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Global News: Girl Guides Update Mandate to Include Trans Girls

The Girl Guides of Canada have edited their mandates to become inclusive of trans girls.  

"The guidelines were developed over the past couple of years in response to increased awareness of gender diversity issues and a corresponding rise in transgender children wishing to take part in guiding activities, Rice said."

Read the full article here.

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Star Phoenix: Local Author Wes Funk Passes

The Star Phoenix paid homage to local Saskatchewan author, Wes Funk today, who passed away this past weekend.  He will be missed by both the LGBTQ2S+ and the literary community.

Please find the article here.

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ICCC Movie Night - Naomi Campbel

A trans woman from Chile named Yermén tries to formulate a plan to get sex reassignment surgery.  

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