Learn About Top Image Optimization Tools For A Speedy Website By Kinex Media

Website design is a never ending platform in which news trends and technologies are introduced every day. For a perfect web page design, you need to focus on all the elements including typography, content, placements, icons, links and photos. It is a well known fact that high definition images tend to be more eye-catchy than low quality images. But if you use raw HD images, your website can slow down as the loading time will be more. So to make the process of uploading high quality images without slowing the website down possible, here we are going to have a look at the top image optimization tools.

1. Tiny PNG

This is basically a web based image optimization service that helps in reducing the size of your PNG & JPG images without much effect to its quality. This is really a great service if you want to reduce the size of highly complex transparent PNG images.

2. Image Optim

This is basically a free and open source application that can be installed on your OS X. This app allows you in optimizing images in the best possible way and also removing unnecessary Meta info at the same time. Removal of Meta information helps in adding to your privacy. There is another mode known as the "lossy minification" that helps in reducing the size of PNG, GIF, JPG, SVG images, animated PNGs and GIFs.

3. Gulp Image

If you are using Gulp task-runner on your PC, this tool will start optimizing images like GIF, JPEG, PNG and SVG images in an automatic way, using a script. This works great for people who have a bulk of images that need to be compressed. Gulp-image is really a great image optimization tool.

4. PNGCrush

This is basically a script that runs on a command line of both MSDOS and Linux. With this script, your PNG images will be scanned and then different levels of compressing will be tried along with the filtering methods to minimize the file size.

5. APNG Assembler

This is one of the finest tools that can help in creating animated PNG images at a high level of optimization. This app can work on all platforms including Windows, OS X and Linux.

6. Compressor.io

Compressor.io is a free online service that will optimize GIF, JPG, PNG and SVG files. You can choose from either lossless or lossy compression types.

This is another web based service that works free of cost for optimization of GIF, JPG, PNG and SVG files. You can select which type of compression you want, lossy or lossless.

7. Simple Image Optimizer

This is also a web page design based image optimizer which is quite easy to use. With the help of this optimizing tool, you can not only optimize images but also resize them according to your need. You can even do both resizing and optimization separately.

Thus, these were the top tools that can help you in optimizing the images in the perfect way to design a great looking website with high loading speed.

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