Peer Support

Are you needing someone to talk to? Peer support allows people to ask questions and explore their feelings in a confidential, non-judgmental environment in the company of those who have been through similar situations and experiences.

Volunteers, practicum students, and OUTSaskatoon employees are available to chat with anyone who drops in or phones our centre. Peer supporters will listen, refer when necessary, and will provide information. We also now have a Peer Navigator who will assist people accessing peer support with referrals, system navigation, and ongoing peer support.

Join a Social Group

We also offer a range of social and support groups. Whether their staff or community member led our groups are a great way to connect with community, hear from those with similar lived experiences, and find connection.

Receive Peer Support

Connect with our staff to be matched with a peer group.


For more information, or to receive support by email, contact: