JMM Law Prof. Corp. (operating through Seiferling Law) – Labour and Employment Law Office
Jared McRorie (he/him) is a local lawyer who specializes in labour and employment law (and all the related sub-fields including human rights and occupational health and safety). Jared runs a pragmatic client-centered practice focused on assisting both businesses and individuals with workplace legal issues. By assisting businesses with their practices, policies, and approaches to specific problems they are facing, Jared works towards preventing problems before they can arise and swiftly and effectively addressing those that have already arisen. Jared can also assist individuals who have found themselves in a difficult workplace situation such as where their employment has been terminated. As an inclusive practitioner of law, Jared is happy to assist those from the 2SLGTBQ+ community with their business endeavours and employment matters.

Services Provided

Legal services in the areas of: labour, employment, human rights, occupational health and safety, workplace investigations, and administrative.

Training Received

Queer 101


200 – 306 Ontario Avenue, Saskatoon, SK

Hours of Operation

Our office is open generally from 9am until 4:30pm but we primarily operate on a “by appointment” basis.


Ph: 306-477-9700

Email Inquiries:


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