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The Peter T. Millard Memorial Library

Did you know that OUTSaskatoon has a library?

Have you ever browsed through our library?
Watched a movie in our drop-in centre?
Stamped out a book?

You are invited to come and take a look at what our library as to offer. You are welcome to sit down with a book in our drop-in centre, or check books out to read at home. To take books out of the centre you must be a member of OUTSaskatoon. Membership is $10 a year; however, the membership fee can be waived for underemployed or low-income people.



Our library is entirely focused on the LGBTQ2S community, and so all of our books speak to the queer and trans umbrellas.  Our guiding principles are that the content of the book must either reflect the LGBTQ2S community or be written by an LGBTQ2S author.  We also have a small collection of gender studies books. 

Currently, our library includes over 2500 books and thanks to your generosity, it grows each year. Our largest collection is LGBTQ2S fiction, however, thanks to our recent Love our Library campaign we have had an increase in current non-fiction books.


That said, we are always looking for queer and trans books to enhance our collection. We need books on bisexual, transgender and two-spirit people, as well as subjects including LGBTQ2S families, healthy queer relationships, and Canadian LGBTQ2S books.

You can now search our library catalog online at www.librarything.com/catalog/OUTSaskatoon!  We did have a few glitches when we uploaded the collection onto the internet so we apologize for missing information and we will try to correct those as soon as possible - thank you!


Film Collection

Thanks to the generosity of the supporters of our centre we have dramatically increased the number of queer and trans movies in our library. Unlike our books, we do not lend out our movies, but people are more than welcome to watch them in our drop-in centre. 

To donate books or DVDs please contact Briana at 306-665-1224 or [email protected]

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