Coming Out: As a Youth

Being a teenager can be tough and being a teenager questioning your sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression can be even harder, but we’ve got resources and support options for you.

Youth Programming

Connecting with other youth who have similar lived experiences, interests, challenges, and realities can be a great starting point. We’ve got great staff-led youth groups: Rainbow Proud Younger Youth (PYY) for youth ages 10-14 and Rainbow Coffee for youth ages 15-19.

Counselling and Peer Support

Needing someone to talk to and work through what you’re going through? We provide free, confidential, short term counselling as well as free peer support. We regularly provide counselling and peer support to youth of all ages so don’t hesitate to reach out.


If you’re struggling to make sense of how you’re feeling or find that learning as much as you can is your best way to cope, then check out our curated resources for youth along with all our general resources for Two Spirit, Trans, and Queer people.

Additional useful resources:

Trans Lifeline
This help line is for transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse people of all ages along with those who are questioning their identities.

Minus 18
An Australian Queer and Trans youth organization with fantastic resources by youth for youth.

First Person
A youtube channel from PBS that features real life stories of 2SLGBTQ youth and young adults.

Queer Terms