Coming OUt: As an Adult

Coming out as an adult can be scary, challenging, and life changing. At OUTSaskatoon we have resources and support options to help you navigate questioning your identity, coming out, and how to make sense of big life changes as an adult.

Social and Support Groups

Connecting with other adults who have similar lived experiences, challenges, and successes is a great way of combating isolation and understanding that you are not alone. From staff-led groups to groups that are facilitated by community members we have a wide range of groups for adults who may be questioning their identity or trying to find connections with the 2SLGBTQ community. Check out our social and support groups page for more info.

Counselling and Peer Support

Needing someone to talk to and work through what you’re going through? We provide free, confidential, short term counselling as well as free peer support. Our counsellor, Iris Akbar, also runs a Transgender specific coming out group once a year.


If you’re struggling to make sense of how you’re feeling or find that learning as much as you can is your best way to cope, then check out our curated resources for adults along with all our general resources for Two Spirit, Trans, and Queer people.


True Trans
The story of punk rocker Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! Who came out as a transgender woman in 2012, along with stories of other members of the trans community.

Sherbourne Health Services
For 2SLGBTQ folks who are looking to grow their families.

Buzzfeed: Coming out later in life
17 short stories of people finding themselves and coming out in their 30s.

The regulation of First Nations sexuality by M. Cannon