Coming Out: Supporting Someone

Whether your child has recently come out or a friend, colleague, or family member you have an important role in ensuring that they feel affirmed and supported. It’s also okay if you have questions and thankfully we have answers.

Social and Support Groups

If you are a parent of a child, of any age, who has recently come out we have a support group called Rainbow Families which is facilitated by parents and is a safe space to ask questions, bring up fears, navigate how to tell the rest of your family, and more.

Counselling and Peer Support

While our counsellors provide free counselling to 2SLGBTQ community members, they also provide counselling to loved ones who are looking to support someone who is or may be part of the 2SLGBTQ community. We’ve provided services to parents, siblings, grandparents, and more. We also provide family counselling if you would like to work through topics or issues as a family.


For many people growing up and not knowing many 2SLGBTQ people is the norm, so if you’re at a loss for how to support someone in your life who has recently come out then your next step is learning. Check out our curated resources in order to better understand your loved one’s identity, societal challenges that 2SLGBTQ people often face, and how to provide the support that your loved one deserves.


My Kid Is Gay
A resource website for parents of 2SLGBTQ children of all ages.

Raising Ryland
A five minute digital short about a young trans boy named Ryland, his family, and their story.

PFLAG Canada
A national and provincial grass roots organization that provides support and resources to parents of 2SLGBTQ kids of all ages.