Social Groups

Are you looking for a supportive community? Our social support groups are volunteer-facilitated, and provide a space to meet new people and participate in a variety of discussions and activities. Click on the links below for meetings times and information:


Bi/Pan/Poly Group

A welcoming space for everyone (bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, questioning, and supportive) to attend social outings and discussions about topics associated with bi, pan, and poly identities.

Coffee Row

A casual gathering for LGBTQ2S+ older adults that meet at OUTSaskatoon every Wednesday from 10:00am to noon.

Gender Revolution 

A supportive social group for anyone who is gender variant, identifies as transgender, is questioning their gender identity, or is an ally. Gender Revolution meets every Thursdays at 7:00pm.

Rainbow Coffee

A group for gender and sexually-diverse youth and their allies for youth 14-19. This safe hang-out space includes educational workshops, snacks, discussions, social outings, and much more. 

Rainbow PYY

A group for younger gender and sexually diverse youth and their allies between the ages of 10-14. Rainbow PYY meets every Thursday from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. and a light snack is provided. 

Women’s Nite Out

A group for all women (lesbian, bi, trans, straight, etc.) to get together and enjoy a broad range of fun, social activities throughout the year. Click the link for a list of weekly activities. 

Asexual Group 

A group for those who identify anywhere on the asexual spectrum and their allies.  

Coming OUT Group (temporarily postponed)

The Coming OUT Group is for individuals who are in the process of coming out to themselves and/or others. It's a place to meet people and get acquainted with the LGBTQ2S+ community in Saskatoon. The Coming OUT Group will meet every Monday.

Dungeons and Dragons Group 

A group that gathers twice a month to play various games.  This group is open to anyone 12 and over.  Board games, card games, Dungeons and Dragons and various others are played. 

Men’s Club

A group for all men (gay, bi, trans, straight, etc.) to get together and enjoy a broad range of fun, social activities throughout the year. 

Rainbow Families 

A social, supportive group for gender and sexually diverse families, family members, caregivers, youth, and support systems. This group gathers once a month, alternating between a more casual gathering and a themed party. 

The Brew Crew
The Brew Crew is a space for 19+ LGBTQ2S professionals to connect beyond the bar and online apps.  It’s part coffee, part beer, all social.  Everyone is welcome.

Associated Groups 

There are also a number of wonderful community groups operated in partnership with or outside of OUTSaskatoon. Check them out!

For more information about any of our groups, please contact us!

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