Michelle MacDonald
Pronouns: She/Her
Team: Board
Role: Vice-Chair
Michelle MacDonald has worked with a variety of community organizations in Saskatoon over the last decade and has been a lawyer for just over a year. She is excited to put her skills and experience to work for something she believes in. A couple of highlights to share is that she has worked on a project seeking the removal of gender markers on identification cards in a law school human rights seminar. She has also directed youth towards groups and events when she worked at Egadz. She was born in Saskatoon and chose to remain here because she loves the city and the people, and works towards making this a community a place she wants to live in. She brings her experience as a lawyer, her experience working with the community at Egadz and CLASSIC, and her willingness to learn in new environments. She brings her passion for working with people and finding solutions to difficult problems and possesses writing skills, facilitation skills and public speaking skills.