The Brew Crew

The Brew Crew

The Brew Crew is a space for 19+ LGBTQ2S professionals to connect beyond the bar and online apps.  It’s part coffee, part beer, all social.  Everyone is welcome.

The Brew Crew meets every other Thursday from 7-9pm at OUTSaskatoon and various locations. To stay up to date on when and where the group is meeting, check out The Brew Crew's Facebook and Instagram pages.
Facebook group: The Brew Crew 
Instagram: The Brew Crew


Tyler Babiy 
Pronouns: He/Him

"I grew up in Saskatoon and moved away to Calgary and Montreal for many years.  While in Montreal I facilitated a Men’s Discussion group and saw such tremendous value in what the group brought to its members.  While technology is a big part of my life, I am always reminded of the simple things that bring communities together.  I hope the Brew Crew will be a place for people to connect in a city that can sometimes feel isolating, especially as a newcomer." - TB



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