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Job Posting: Counsellor

OUTSaskatoon is a non-profit, charitable organization that believes in the equity of transgender, two spirit, intersex, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer people. We provide peer support and counselling, queer-specific education and resources, outreach, social gatherings and events, community referrals, sexual health services, and LGBTQ2S youth housing. We support body, mind and spirit within a growing and changing community.

We are looking for an experienced counsellor to join our team in order to provide direct support to LGBTQ2S people of all ages. If you agree with the following statements, we want you to apply:

You are compassionate and seek opportunities to help others

  • You want to support the LGBTQ2S community and approach every individual as unique and valued
  • You enjoy working with a wide range of individuals on complex topics

You enjoy working in a harm reduction environment

  • You have a solid understanding of harm reduction and are able to put the model into practice
  • You understand client-centred, and trauma-informed care and are able to employ these practices in your work

You work best in a team that values creativity, innovation, and diversity

  • You thrive in a team environment
  • You enjoy collaborating with coworkers to solve complex problems

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