OUTSaskatoon is seeking talented, dynamic, conscientious and energetic individuals interested in volunteering to assist in the 2SLGBTQ development within Saskatchewan. OUTSaskatoon believes that in order to do our best for the organization, its board must reflect the community while addressing the needs that OUT is currently facing. Strong boards are places of learning and growth, as well as places where people bring their skills, knowledge and experiences to the work of governance. Applicants should feel encouraged that we are all committed to learn together; we all have gifts to bring to serve OUT and the community.

OUTSaskatoon thinks of “board diversity” in terms of peoples’ skills, knowledge and experience as well as identity, demographics and personal attributes. Some of the knowledge and skill sets that will be important in the coming years are in non-profit governance, legal matters, finance, human resources, funding, and communications. We will prioritize trans and BIPOC folks and we seek to encourage a wide age range on the board. We want young and passionate directors as well as seasoned professionals.

To fill out an application form click here. The application deadline is May 31, 2023.

OUTSaskatoon believes in a bolder, braver, and safer future for all. We strive towards this by providing support services, youth housing, and education and research services through a harm reduction, culturally informed, equity-seeking, and community-based approach. Board of Directors volunteers are from within the queer communities and our strong allies. The application process adds value and supports the growth of the organization by extending an opportunity for the broader queer community to participate in queer governance. As a result of this process, nominees will better understand that although they may come from a specific community, once elected to the Board, they do not represent that community but govern on behalf of the whole of OUTSaskatoon.

The Nominations Committee will present a slate of candidates at the Annual General Meeting, which will take place Wednesday, June 28, 2023.

Any questions regarding nominations, please contact Melody Wood at